Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

Solo Traveller First Aid Kit

Description...The Solo Traveller First Aid Kit has been designed with the adventurous, independent traveller in mind and is ideal for extended trips to exotic or remote locations. This kit combines all the basics for treating minor, and some more serious, injuries with a full set of sterile medical equipment, including needles and syringes. As with all Lifesystems first aid and medical kits, the contents have been specified by experienced doctors and medical consultants.
150D, PU coated ripstop fabric
Belt-loop attachment
Waterproof zips
Quick-Find system
Dimensions: 190 x 140 x 90 mm
Weight: 645g
Primary care leaflet & sterile card
Scissors, tweezers & safety pins
Woven & crepe bandages
Gauze swabs & ibuprofen
Paracetamol & Loperamide
Antiseptic wipes & vinyl gloves
Fabric dressing strip & plasters
Low-adherent dressing
Medium dressing & scalpel
Thermometer & duct tape
Wound closure strips
Zinc oxide & micropore tape
Hypodermic needles
Disposible syringes

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