Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

Ascending With Two Friction Knots

If you not lugging around a pair of ascenders, perhaps the next most common means is to employ two friction knots (pictured right), for example, prusiks. Tie the first prusik to the rope and clip this to your harness. Tie a second prusik (perhaps from a longer loop of cord) to the rope, form a slip knot in it's tail and put one foot through the slip knot. Now simply stand up on the foot prusik and, once the harness prusik is unweighted, slide it up as high as you can reach. Sit down and weight the harness prusik once more, and then slide the foot prusik up a comfortable distance. Stand up, and repeat the whole process over and over again. It can take quite some time if you have to ascend a full rope length, and can be somewhat tiring.
As a safety precaution tie off the slack end of the rope, using a figure eight on a bite, at progressive intervals and clip to your harness. To avoid having a clutter of these knots all hanging off your harness you might choose to untie and release each previous one. Note, however, some climbers prefer the clutter to potentially getting the trailing rope snagged far below.

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