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Antipodes 10.5mmx200mDescription..."Essential to rigging many situations. Beal's static cord can be used for, abseil tat, rigging top ropes and hanging out the washing."
Diameter: 10.5mm
Weight per meter: 67g
Factor 1 falls: 15
Impact force: 5KN
Cobra II 8.6x60m Golden Dry x2
Description...These Cobra II ropes are classics for adventure country. Light and free running for ease in use on long routes, crags, and on ice. Technical and strong to support the most difficult demands
Weight per metre - 48g
Impact force(with 55kg) - Beal guarantee - 5,1kn
Number of falls, 1,77kn - Beal guarantee 16
Comes as a pack of two
Top Gun 10.5mmx50m Dry
Description..."The definitive single climbing rope from Beal. The Beal Top Gun provides superb durability combined with good handling and low impact forces to produce an excellent all-round climbing rope for sport or trad climbing, summer or winter. Further enhanced by "
Diameter: 10.5mm
Weight per meter: 67g
Factor 1 falls:11
Impact force: 7.4KN Genesis 8.5 Superdry 60m
Description...The Mammut Genesis is a robust yet well handling half rope ideally suited to alpine and winter climbing.
Half Rope
Dry Treated
"Diameter, 8.5mm"
"Length, 60m"
"UIAA Falls, 11-12 "
"Impact Force, 6kN"
"Elongation, 9.0%"
"Sheath Slippage, 0mm"
"Weight per metre, 48g" Walkers Rope 8mmx30m
Description..."Taking up little space, but with enough oomph to hold a load. Beal's Rando alpine rope is ideal for providing security on steep ground when winter walking or crossing glaciers. This rope should NOT be used for climbing or mountaineering."
Diameter: 8mm
Weight per meter: 37g
Factor 1 falls:5
Impact force: 4.2KN Access Cord 5mm
Description..."Essential accessory cord for a variety of climbing and mountaineering situations. Beal's accessory cord can be used for prussik knots, abseil tat and hanging out the washing. Available by the metre."
Diameter: 5mm

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