Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

Adventurer First Aid Kit

Description...Whether you're trekking, doing an archeological dig or simply spending time travelling, the Adventurer Kit is a well-equipped first aid kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries. The contents are specified and organised to keep the pack compact, ensuring it takes up as little space as possible.
Primary care leaflet
Small low-adherent dressing
Woven bandage & vinyl gloves
Small crepe bandage
Fabric & blister plasters
Medium dressing & burn gel
Triangular bandage
Paracetamol & antiseptic wipes
Scissors & tweezers
Safety pins
Micropore tape
Gauze swabs
150D, PU coated ripstop fabric pack
Belt-loop attachment
Waterproof zips
Quick-Find system

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