Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

ID Descender Small

Description...This is a self-braking descender belay device with anti-panic function.The ID is for descending a rope and for belaying, with an anti-panic function. Please note that this is the SMALL version which is specifically for work on ropes rather than the LARGE which is designed for rescue.
Anti-error safety catch to reduce the risk of an accident due to incorrect installation of the device on the rope
Anti-panic function: if the user pulls too hard on the handle, the cam will lock on the rope
Locking position on the handle for positioning while on the rope
When used for hauling, allows the system to be reversible
With a safety clip on the swinging side plate: reduces the risk of dropping the device, practical for quick installation of the rope, efficient means for passing intermediate anchors
For ropes between 10 and 11,5 mm in diameter
D20 S : CE EN 341 Classe A, NFPA L.
Weight: 530 g
Individually tested

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